I Hate Copycats

Every writer does. Though I won’t really call myself a writer (maybe the word ‘blogger’ would be more appropriate). Most of the time, I write for myself, to empty my mind, sometimes, to share my thoughts to whoever stumbles upon my blog. I don’t care if you reblog my posts as long as you include my link as reference, or copy them for private reading, but I do care if you started stealing them. I have had bad experiences before when I was still actively participating in bloggerships and forums. People, so-called bloggers, plagiarized my compositions, and I am not even a very good writer. When I say ‘stealing’, I mean ‘reblogging’ my post without referencing my link, and making it seem like they authored the whole damn thing. Recently, I discovered that another of my reposts from my old blog appeared in these so-called bloggers’ sites: Copycat #1 & Copycat #2. If you are like these people, there’s a nil chance (probably one percent) that you will read this, as fake bloggers rarely read and only know how to use Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. But I am still writing this because who knows, you are part of that one percent. So if you have that stupid urge to steal any of my posts then this is what you have to do: stop blogging.  If not, well, hey, we can be friends.

Kae 🙂


One thought on “I Hate Copycats

  1. I have a similar issue. After processing through it all, I came to the conclusion that light wins over darkness. As long as I stay in the positive of the “Truth” that I am [as in my truth and reality], and I forgive those who fall out of line. My work will always be mine.
    Another way to look at it: for someone who collects other peoples works, it will be obvious, for each post will sound like someone else because of the way they write. I will say something like: “to which it is okay…”, or “as to which it would be…”. No one writes like that, except me.
    I love reading your work, there’s a strong innocence in your heart that’s all warm and gooey, and I pick up on it when I read your work.
    March on… brave one.

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