My Thoughts Exactly

Most people who meet me for the first time would assume that I am one of the dopest, friendliest, goofiest thing they have ever seen. Nope, that is the stuff of fiction.

I am not a sociable person. I mean, since when did cat people ever become outgoing and sociable? Except Taylor Swift, perhaps. She needs to be because of the nature of her business. The girl is not a pop star, she’s a bloody businesswoman who seems to have worked out all the kinks ( of her hair and) of the music industry.


Enough of Tay-tay. I have stopped stalking her both in social media and Google search. I am just tired of her entrepreneurial voracity and insatiable thirst for distinction, really. And I am stark mad that she didn’t include me in her girl squad. (You know I am kidding, right?)

So what I know about sociable people is that they are like Taylor Swift who likes to be friends with and well-liked by everyone, except that they might not like cats. (Hah. That is the last time I will talk about her, my apologies. It’s hard to get over someone I used to love.) Also, sociable people like to meet lots of people. Obviously. (They might also prefer dogs over cats.) I think they like to build their connections and have these ultra self-empowering goals, which I don’t want to find out because it’s none of my business. Or maybe they are born to be Mr and Ms Congeniality’s. Like when they were barely a year old, they smiled at the camera, at dogs and even at that suspicious brown mound on the ground that looks like cat turd. No, I am not kidding. It’s fun to be with this group of people.👌🏻

I don’t like large crowds and the Barbie and Ken dolls of the world. (Read: superficial.) I choose my friends (and I like to think they chose me, as well). I choose people who I perceive to be smart and real. I like folks who don’t need everyone’s validation and I don’t like people who don’t choose sides. Yep, I don’t like the Swiss. (Except Toblerone, of course. Everybody loves them.) You gotta choose, buddy. So, are you a cat, or a dog person? 👊🏼

I like being around a small circle of friends. But there are times when I like to keep to myself and, even when I am with them, I like to wander inside my thoughts, thinking that I am somewhere else doing something else. Most of the time, I imagine sitting on a rocking chair, reading a nice book, with a cat on my lap. Yep, I know it’s so Alessia Cara singing ‘Here’. 


(Ooops that’s not Alessia. And I’ll pass on that headdress.)

If you think I am being arrogant just by writing all of these, be reminded that you can exit my site anytime, sweetie.

Of course, there were those times when I wished I was different. Don’t we all? I wished I was friendlier, funnier, easier to be with, less complicated and more free-spirited. But I like to think that I have come to terms with my individuality and that’s something because I don’t need to try hard. Really, the easiest thing ever, is to be yourself, to let others see the real you because it’s so hard to pretend. No hesitations, no holds barred, heck, no make-up or designer clothes. And no Camera360.

The first time I meet people, some seem to want to be friends with me (or am I just assuming things here? Please enlighten me) maybe because I am being funny when I talk about real stuff however bland or skin deep. Perhaps they would assume that I am bluffing or whatever and so a few weeks or days or months after, they would begin to think that I am bloody serious. A few would like me even more once they get to know me but most just wouldn’t know how to deal with this five foot zero inch shit and so they would walk away and this little shit wouldn’t care because that’s none of it’s business.

I like real talk. Man, I am plain honest and straightforward, sometimes you will think that I am sugarcoating my words or sometimes, I am dissing you straight in the face because that’s how I roll. Okay, sometimes I do filter my words just a wee bit the way I use a few photo filters to play with the light on my photos but I would tell you exactly what I need you to understand the way I would show you the zits and blemishes on my face because that’s how I roll. I believe in speaking out to make a difference to the world (yep, the world) so don’t be bloody sensitive when I speak the truth and I know it hurts the most but let’s just get real and get it over with.

Okay. You can stop right there and let’s breath real deep together.

One of my work counsellors told me that I am one of the realest, bravest and strongest people she knew and she said that was good because I knew what I wanted. My principles are intact, which means that I am hard to be influenced by other people who are on the other side of my fence. She said these are the makings of a good leader.

She didn’t tell me about the other side of the pancake, though. You know, the burnt one. I know that she knows that I already know. I know I can be complicated sometimes or perhaps, most of the time. I can break things up before you can say sushi. If you know what I mean. This other side might stop me from getting what I want, or even deserve. It might not get me up through the corporate ladder, might not get me the likes and hearts in social media. But you know what? I don’t need those types of validation from others who don’t matter much in my life. No one shouldn’t.

But we have our differences and while I think that no one shouldn’t want, shouldn’t work so fcuknig hard, shouldn’t be so fcuknig desperate to receive other’s validation and acceptance, some people just don’t think the way I do and it doesn’t mean that I am right and they are wrong. It could be the other way around and, who knows, both.

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The third one is my son’s photo. Lol. Texts on photos are mine.


Why Some of my Facebook Friends Annoy Me Sometimes 

No, I’m not a devout Catholic but I was raised as one. No, I am not active at church but I do get irked by people who constantly make fun of the Church’s rituals.
When I was younger and didn’t know any better, I made fun of the other religious sects and their rituals. I didn’t get why, during worship, their pastor or leader would start rambling in a sing-songy voice and the whole flock would raise their hands and wave them in worship and start crying in anguish and it would go on for like thirty minutes, afterwards, they would calm down and start whispering gibberish. I laughed when some members claimed that their church is the right church, that they are the chosen ones and that everyone else will go to hell, like whatever they do or have done in the past, heaven will accept them because of their elitist assumptions. This is the worst kind of thinking. I still don’t get all of it.
You guys who call yourselves  Christians and not Catholic’s (though Catholics are technically Christians, there remains a distinction, mainly the considerable size of the latter as opposed to the tiny numbers that make up hundreds of otherChristianchurches). You will say that you believe in the goodness of Christ but you don’t know why. Shame on you. It’s about time you realize that salvation doesn’t come in the form of the religious organization which you belong to. It’s about time you stop that feeling of exclusivity because you know what, your contemptuous feelings against the Mother Church just reveals how desperate your leaders are. They want to beat the numbers so they lie. The Roman Catholic is one of the largest, if not the largest, religious communities in the world and nope you can’t change that, not in a million years.
I get why your leaders had to break away from the Roman Catholic Church. Yes, I do. There are rituals and beliefs that they don’t agree to and that is good and that is normal. That’s okay. Their followers follow suit. That’s fine. But those who believe that their group is the One especially those who, in the past, tried to convince me that I will not be ‘saved’ if I don’t join their group, that Catholicism is evil, well I tel you now, dogs who bark a lot feel threatened. Just shut up and chew and swallow that insecurity or I’ll shove it down your throat.
Brother, Sister, I accept you whatever your religious group is as long as you stop being such a goddamn bully. If you need your group to feel privileged or anything to that effect, then you’re not pulling off that religious shit the way you’re supposed to. You are not getting it because either you are brainwashed (brainwashed people are dumb), or close-minded (dumber, still). There is no elite religious group, certainly not yours. No way is better than the other. Having a group or having none, that don’t have much difference except that for the latter they don’t have the urge to have this sense of belongingness, don’t feel the need to adhere to methodical rituals because at the end of the day, we all fall asleep and, if we don’t die in slumber, we wake up. We’re different but still the same , get it?
Stop fooling yourself and shut up.

Same Sex Doomsday


I am merely considering the possibility that the entire human species might get wiped out of the earth because procreation stops because everyone goes against nature. Everyone goes homosexual.

When I heard about the US Supreme Court’s ruling making same sex marriage a right nationwide, I thought about some friendhappy mostly because it means a lot to all gay people out there and I have a lot of friends and cousins who are in same sex relationships. Although here in the Philippines, we need to revise the laws to allow that to happen. Still, it’s a huge thing. It’s a big start that caused worldwide celebration.

The ruling changed the universal concept of marriage as the union of a man and a woman for them to meet the vital need to conceive children. Gone are the days of the caveman and the cavewoman who, apart from hunting for food, acted out the important instinct to procreate so that the entire human species will continue to proliferate.
Of course, we still do– couples who would like to conceive children continue to copulate to procreate. But most of us millenials (Generation Y, born between the 1980’s to the 2000’s) avoid having kids as much as possible.  We don’t want added responsibility. For now. We want to become financially stable first. Others have selfish reasons like not wanting pregnancy to ruin their bodies. Perhaps someday but not now. Some just don’t want to have kids. Period.

And of course, according to a study, a whooping 20% percent of the US population are part of the LGBT community. I wonder what the statistics is in the Philippines but I know for a fact that their population is not small. Herson tells me that maybe someday there will be a technology that will allow same sex couples to procreate. Perhaps in the future, lesbians would be able to inseminate and gay men would be able to conceive. But what if that doesn’t happen? What if everyone in the future can not bear to be in a heterosexual relationship? And what if in 1,000 years, the entire world becomes not even LGBT but a homosexual community?

That’s how I came up with the weirdest doomsday theory. I know we have enough of those– zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, climate change, robot uprising, pandemic infections — the possibilities are endless. We are the most paranoid specie in the planet. But I am not acting out of paranoia. I am not narrowminded. I am not mocking gay people out there. I am merely considering the possibility that the entire human species might get wiped out of the earth because procreation stops because everyone goes against nature. Everyone goes homosexual. I am not kidding and I am not being funny or anything. What if?

Just kidding. I know my doomsday theory is perhaps the result of seeing my male cat wooing another male cat (Panda is gay! 😁). Let us all be happy. Gay or not, we know love will always win. 😉