2017 Goodreads.com Reading Challenge

January 29, 2017 § Leave a comment

I’ve been doing this reading challenge thing for six years now and year after year, I fail. Life is so hard. *sigh* Some people already have a clear idea of what genres to read, others have even created these to-read lists. A few have already completed their challenges and a little over three million books have already been read as of date since January 1st I am not kidding like do these people read books for a living?! I am so jealous. 😂

How I wish I could join one of those ‘master lists of books to read for 2017’ challenges but I am rather picky when it comes to my choice of literature. And anyway, the people who organize such lists have their own preferences that might be poles apart from mine so I’m good, they can keep their lists. LOL.

So if you are like me, who is a self-confessed bibliophile, whose first love is reading, who doesn’t want or need to create a list, or if you are someone who has been on a reading hiatus for the longest time, you can find your way back by joining book sites such as goodreads.com. This site launches a simple reading challenge annually. All you have to do is pledge the number of books that you are going to read and you’re all set. Of course, don’t forget to input each book on the list so you can keep track of your progress. I recommend that you download their app for easier access. (See what I did there? They rhyme! :))

I must be crazy for setting up another reading challenge this year only to fail and mope around (yesss srsly 😂) by yearend but so what. This is the best I can do to motivate myself to read new books and not keep on re-reading the Harry Potter series (my all-time favorite!) for the bajillionth time.

Here’s a screenshot of my 2017 reading challenge banner. On the right side you’ll see what I was talking about earlier. Haha!

Happy reading!

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