I like the sound of raindrops outside the window, pattering on the roof. I like the cold. On days like this, I like to think that I am one of those people who think that their sole purpose in life is to find that one person, their soulmate, their one and only, their better half..
I like hearing the purr of my cat, its’ soft and warm body against my left rib cage. Outside, it’s cold, the floor is cold. The cat– he likes being cuddled when it’s cold. And on days like these, I don’t like to sleep alone, because who does?
I like your arm circling my waist. I like the sound of your breath when you are asleep. I like the feel of your breath against my nape. I turn around and kiss your lips and you are asleep.
No matter how much I have wanted to eliminate the idea that I am a hopeless romantic, I must admit that a couple of genes are stamped with that label. Yes, I have wrote about that before, and I will write about it again. I am a hopeless romantic. I don’t believe in fairy tales anymore but this I am certain of– I believe in love. Of course I do. That’s why I am in love with you.
This is what I have always imagined my life would be– lying in bed with my cat and the man I love..




In it’s simplicity, 1 is the grandest of all numbers. One means number one, like, “You are my number one!” You are my number one man, my hero, my comforter, my Panda, my shoulder to lean on. You are my one and only, my love, my bestfriend.

We are not in the habit of counting the hours, days, and months. But today.. Today, let’s scratch that. Because, today we turn one. How great is that? 😄

His Words Are

One of the perks of being in love with a poet is that he writes about you, and he is okay with you writing about him, too (even if you write like a high school student.. I do 😁.) Since you share the same fondness with writing, you get creative with words. There are so many ways to say “I care about you”, “I am thinking about you”, “I love you”.He knows all the right words to say– the most unconventional ones, most especially. He doesn’t rely on phrases quoted from novels and movies. His words are completely his own.When a poet is in love with you, he will write a post similar to this one. He will tell you that you are beautiful even when you are at your ugliest and are on the midst of some acne issues. He will tell you that you are the first thing in his mind when he wakes up, and the last before he goes to sleep. He will let you know he loves you everyday in ways he finds simple but is extraordinary for a girl like you.One thing I am certain of is this: when a poet starts drawing inspiration from you, it only means one thing– this poet is in love with you. 🐼

What I Know

They say too much of something, even a good thing, can be very bad. For sometime, I absolutely believed in that. Like when you eat too much green mango and you get that searing pain on your teeth. But it is hard to imagine how a good thing like green mango can be bad until your teeth start aching.. Like love. They say when you love someone too much, one day you will get hurt.

Too much is never good they say. But I don’t know about that now. What I do know is I love you, and I know that it is too much and it’s something that I can’t help. I can’t imagine not loving you. It has become a part of who I am. The need to love you is like the need of the lungs for air. Of the heart to pump blood. Of the blood for water. I just can not, not love you.

I can guess what’s going on inside their minds. They might be thinking that what we have is a whirlwind romance. If it indeed is, then I don’t see anything wrong with it. But the truth is it could be anything. It could be anything we choose to. But I consider it anything but whirlwind. Since that day when we first interacted, I fell in love with you. I fell in love with you slowly and then all at once.

You used to tell me before we met that I am this girl who will break your heart. Surprising to hear that from someone I haven’t even met. Impossible. Your heart will only be broken by someone you love. And you said I’ll figure out what you were trying to tell me. Now I do..

The little things in life are sometimes all that really matters. They are somehow overlooked, perhaps because of their size.. Albeit the size, they carry more weight than all the others. Everyday, I am learning you. There are a few times when our familiarity with each other goes past the recognizable stage. There’s still so much to learn. I know it’s not going to be easy. But I am not afraid. Everyday, I am trying to learn you. Like how you are a man of your words. How you would do things for me, that others wouldn’t do or would have done. How you put my needs ahead of yours every time we are together. Even when we are not together.

Today, I woke up and felt so inadequate. I am not sure anymore if I can keep up with this train of thoughts because it is moving way too fast. Everything happened way too fast. But I am not about to stop, I am trying to find a way to continue. It’s hard and I will try not to be too comfortable with the easy part.

Everyday I am learning you like I am rediscovering a habit I have somehow picked up again after not doing it for quite a long time.

You have been writing about me for quite while now and I can’t help but blink and rub my eyes, everytime I see my name right at the bottom of your post and I can’t help but sigh. I have to believe everything I am seeing with my two eyes, right? Even if I do not know lots of things.. Even if some things just can’t be.. Because, ever since I met you, I started believing that everything is possible. You make things possible for me. And I am not only talking about the things that the senses can perceive. It’s a whole lot more than that. You are my utopia. There’s nothing more that I could ask for.

If You Were Beer

“If you were beer, I would drink you every fucking day.”

“If you were beer, I’d make you my dextrose and stick as many needles on my skin as I can.

If you were beer, I’d dive into you and swim in you for the rest of my life.

If you were beer, I’d replace my blood and have you coursing through my veins and arteries and never want to get sober again.

If you were beer, you’d be my water and I won’t have it any other way.”

“I would drink you. Every. Fucking. Day.”

“We can drink each other, if that’s the case. I’d drink you slow just to make sure that I won’t run out of you.”

“I’d drink you. All of you. Fast, then slow. Slow, then fast.”

“I’d drink you as if my life depended on it, which it does, or will be, if you were beer. But even if you’re not, my life will still depend on the things you do, and who you are.

If you were beer, I’d taste you even if I’m not thirsty. But I am thirsty for you, and so I will have to drink you, the beer to inebriate my heart and life.

I need you to be the beer in my life, if only you’d let me.

You’re the kind of beer that would give me a hangover to last a lifetime.

I swear I could go on and on..”

“I. Love. You.”