TRAVEL Malaysia: Container Hotel Penang Review

I stayed in this avant-garde place called Container Hotel. As I am working in the export industry, I guess the name of the hotel drew me in. Yes, my job has definitely rubbed off on me.

I think only a small portion of it was made out of intermodal containers but, whatever, I’d highly recommend this place to anyone visiting Penang Island. Not only is the hotel located in the heart of the heritage site (and near the other landmarks such as Clan Jetties) but it’s also very affordable. I only paid 76.50 RM for two nights. That’s about only 10 USD per night. I booked direct on their website where they offer the best rates. Click here to book.

Here’s what the inside looks like. Guy on the first photo, that’s Timothy. Such a nice fellow who greeted me when I reached at past ten in the evening.

And I call this my tiny cat box. Haha. There’s nothing quite like it! It was so cozy and comfortable! There’s fan inside and a dropdown desk/mirror. It’s got a roll up curtain for privacy.

The shared washroom was okay, very clean plus their were hair dryers. I can’t live without one you know. Whenever I book a place to stay, I always check first if there’s at least one hair dryer in that place. πŸ˜‚

The location of this hotel couldn’t be more perfect as it is strategically located within the heritage site. With street arts everywhere, George Town is like this big open-air museum. There’s always art hiding in a corner on little back alleys and side paths. I didn’t have to go far from the hotel to find one. Below were hidden in a narrow street just across my hotel.

And this one right here was on the hotel’s right wall!

And this was just a few steps away.

Another reason why you should book with Container Hotel is that it’s near the Weld Quay bus station, about ten minutes walk away. It’s also in the route of the free Rapid Central Area Transit (CAT) shuttle hop on bus. If you’re visiting Penang, don’t miss this free ride as it will take you around the city including Komtar area and 18 other points of interests.

That’s it, for now! I’ll write about my Hop on Hop Off experience with both CAT and Penang HOHO on my next blog.


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