Oh, Singapore!

Two weeks just ain’t enough if you are planning to visit the Lion City but if you only have limited time like I had then you just have to make the most out of it.

Singapore is my first ever out-of-country travel experience and I’m glad it was! Let me provide a trivia.. Did you know that the Singapore passport is the most powerful passport in the world right now? Yes. You’re welcome!

It is an expensive country for a third-world fellow like me but I chose it because, first off, it’s so glam and the people there looked like they just came out of fashion shows. Yes, in the plural.

Seriously. I love the way Singaporeans dress and I think their sense of style just rubs off on everyone who visits because everyone just looks so sleek and Γ‘ la mode! Well, almost.

During my visit, I felt so underdressed in my favorite wraparound floral dress and running shoes just looking at this lady sporting a blond bobcut wearing a loose, wrinkled white shirt and black slacks and heels (heavily, dramatic sigh). I can never pull off a wrinkled shirt! Kill me now.😫

Before we continue, let me warn you. This is not strictly a travel blog. So don’t expect me to provide itineraries and DSLR-quality photos. I write in a story-telling kind of way. I like whiling away every moment so I don’t really keep track of my time and the places I visit. And I suck in photography as you can see. Quite content with my iPhone, I’ve no plans at all buying heavy contraptions with so many appendages that I think are so hard to figure out!

But please don’t leave my page just yet. So far, you’ve already invested a minute reading so what harm will it do if you stay for a couple more? πŸ˜…

Allow me to proceed by telling you that this city is so clean. God, you must be wondering how dirty my home city is and I don’t really wanna talk about that, ha-ha. In Singapore, there were no cigarette butts, chewing gums stuck under public benches, candy wrappers on the streets. Heck, there was even no speck of dust you could practically lay down everywhere without ruining your outfit. There were no stray dogs. I saw a couple of cats and they were all sooo black and humongous the cat lady in me wanted to take them home!

Third, it is an expensive city alright but there were so many attractions you don’t have to spend a single dime apart from the food, souvenirs (bought mine at Bugis Street) and bus/metro rides. I visited Merlion Park, Gardens By the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, Sentosa Island, and roamed the streets of Singapore without coughing up extra cash. Okay, except for the bars of chocolates I bought at VivoCity. πŸ˜‚

Also, Changi Airport in itself is a major attraction you can spend a day just touring between the terminals! It’s got everything– designer brand stores, lounge rooms, movie theatres, a lap pool, game rooms– you name it! In Terminal 2 alone, there are indoor gardens, a Koi Pond and a Sunflower Garden on the rooftop. No wonder this airport is named as the best in the world!

Captured these cute couple on a video I made of the Sunflower Garden. Aren’t they sweet??!! πŸ˜‹

I didn’t pay for my accommodation as I stayed at my friend’s place. Okay, that’s my second tip to anyone planning travels anywhere: connections. It’s always a bonus to have friends who live in the area you are visiting.

I want to highlight the light shows at the Gardens By the Bay and Marina Bay Sands. They happen every.single.night. If I recall correctly, the show at GBB starts at around 7:30pm Singapore time. Afterwards, the lights and water show at MBS is at 9:00pm. Seriously, if you’re staying even for just one night in Singapore, you must not miss these light shows! MBS is only a short walk from GBB so come on now don’t be a lazy bum and watch both shows! I tell you, it’s worth it!

Last but not the least: pandas! It’s always been my dream to see a panda for real and it came true when I went to Singapore and saw not one but two pandas– Kaikai and Jiajia. 😻 The male one, Kaikai, put on quite a show when he seemingly struck a pose on his wooden throne. He’s so kawaii!!!

The female, Jiajia, was the quintessential panda. All it did was sit and eat carrots the whole time we were watching her. So adorable!

The pandas are at the River Safari in Mandai Lake Road, btw. It’s a twenty-minute ride via cab from Simei Street. My friend and I booked via Grabcar. I believe it will take more than an hour via MRT from the airport. For the River Safari tickets, I paid USD 31.30 for two via Klook. (Seriously, it’s a great booking app. Lots of discounts!)

River Safari is not your regular zoo as it has a river theme featuring about ten rivers of the world and their menagerie. You might think the price is a bit steep but, for me, it’s a steal as it came with a boat ride– the Amazon River Quest– which I immensely enjoyed I had a second go on it! I loved the pink flamingoes!

And, of course, the pandas, are the must-see attractions, as well as the tiny, perky red panda.

To be honest, I am not a big fan of wildlife parks. I’d rather these animals are left alone in the wild but then I can’t help feeling a bit partial about the whole thing as I also want to experience them as I know it would be nearly impossible for me to see them in the wild. I can only hope that they are well-taken cared of in these zoos. 😊

That’s it for now! I will write about my Penang trip on my next post. (Best solo trip ever!)

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to follow me on IG: kjatorralba 😁



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