Not a Game, Not Again. This is It.

When it feels right, you gotta do it because you can’t not. You can stop playing pretend because it’s not going to do you any good and I’m not even talking about adulting. You’ve got to do it now. You will never know what happens next until you jump in face first, or ass first, I don’t know what. Take that plunge, you will get drenched for sure but it will be worth it. It could be the best move you’ve ever done in your life. And if it’s not, well, stop worrying about that part. You will have another go and by then you would already know how to swim through it, backstroke, freestyle, whichever way you prefer.

When it feels right, never hesitate, no matter how crazy it may seem like, no matter how out-of-bounds, no matter how far-fetched, it will make all the sense in this world. Everything else will feel vague,like  a weak approximation. See, I am now talking about algebra and I don’t know sh-t about algebra but it will start to make sense if I give my 101% to it. You will know it. When it feels right, it will feel like a four year-old tugging at your dress insistently until you look at it. Perseverance. If you f-cking want it, you will f-cking get it. It will make you lose sleep, your appetite, and what-not and you might not notice that you’ve been wearing less stylish clothing but it’s okay because you will never tire of it, when it feels right. Be bold, but not chaotic. Be frank, but be careful with the words you use. Ask, don’t be afraid to ask, but never beg.

When it feels right, it will be tangible, far from it’s former dreamy appearance, far from a hazy state of probabilities, palpable, it will look you in the eye, and nope, I don’t mean that in a scary sense. It will form itself solid right in front of your eyes you can hardly believe— well, believe it!— that it’s been there all along, running in your veins, it’s in your blood, it’s in your genetic makeup, and it is alive. You may look at it in a completely different way. It can be like a complicated process map, a strategic maze of sorts and only you will figure it out.

You will never know, the guessing will never stop until you do it because when it feels right, it will happen. You will make it. You can do it, I promise you.


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