Why Some of my Facebook Friends Annoy Me Sometimes 

No, I’m not a devout Catholic but I was raised as one. No, I am not active at church but I do get irked by people who constantly make fun of the Church’s rituals.
When I was younger and didn’t know any better, I made fun of the other religious sects and their rituals. I didn’t get why, during worship, their pastor or leader would start rambling in a sing-songy voice and the whole flock would raise their hands and wave them in worship and start crying in anguish and it would go on for like thirty minutes, afterwards, they would calm down and start whispering gibberish. I laughed when some members claimed that their church is the right church, that they are the chosen ones and that everyone else will go to hell, like whatever they do or have done in the past, heaven will accept them because of their elitist assumptions. This is the worst kind of thinking. I still don’t get all of it.
You guys who call yourselves  Christians and not Catholic’s (though Catholics are technically Christians, there remains a distinction, mainly the considerable size of the latter as opposed to the tiny numbers that make up hundreds of otherChristianchurches). You will say that you believe in the goodness of Christ but you don’t know why. Shame on you. It’s about time you realize that salvation doesn’t come in the form of the religious organization which you belong to. It’s about time you stop that feeling of exclusivity because you know what, your contemptuous feelings against the Mother Church just reveals how desperate your leaders are. They want to beat the numbers so they lie. The Roman Catholic is one of the largest, if not the largest, religious communities in the world and nope you can’t change that, not in a million years.
I get why your leaders had to break away from the Roman Catholic Church. Yes, I do. There are rituals and beliefs that they don’t agree to and that is good and that is normal. That’s okay. Their followers follow suit. That’s fine. But those who believe that their group is the One especially those who, in the past, tried to convince me that I will not be ‘saved’ if I don’t join their group, that Catholicism is evil, well I tel you now, dogs who bark a lot feel threatened. Just shut up and chew and swallow that insecurity or I’ll shove it down your throat.
Brother, Sister, I accept you whatever your religious group is as long as you stop being such a goddamn bully. If you need your group to feel privileged or anything to that effect, then you’re not pulling off that religious shit the way you’re supposed to. You are not getting it because either you are brainwashed (brainwashed people are dumb), or close-minded (dumber, still). There is no elite religious group, certainly not yours. No way is better than the other. Having a group or having none, that don’t have much difference except that for the latter they don’t have the urge to have this sense of belongingness, don’t feel the need to adhere to methodical rituals because at the end of the day, we all fall asleep and, if we don’t die in slumber, we wake up. We’re different but still the same , get it?
Stop fooling yourself and shut up.


2 thoughts on “Why Some of my Facebook Friends Annoy Me Sometimes 

  1. I was looking for a blog to read after 10 years of inactivity in blogging and stumbled upon yours and I am glad to know your beliefs and perception about religion and religious people. Religion interests me. I was brought up going to church. I don’t wanna say that my family is a ‘religious family’ because I don’t believe in religion. ‘Cause there’s no such word in the Bible.. ‘religion’. But if someone will ask me what’s my religion. I will answer I am Christian. I am not Catholic or Baptist or Methodist. Christian is the word you can find in the Bible. Anyways, I don’t know specifically what are you pertaining to about religion and your Fb friends but I understand your views. When I was a teen I hated church and church people but something happened along the way. I don’t based my religion or my beliefs on people or church any more. They will always frustrate me. But I look always unto Jesus who died for me in the cross. He never fails to amaze me. Blessed holy week to you.

  2. Yep. I had a strict (Catholic) upbringing. I got older, I knew better. I stopped following all the stiff rules that don’t make sense. I stopped being so dogmatic when interpreting the Bible. I stopped reading the Bible like one of those forgotten novels I loved. It’s become one of the books I own, laid forgotten on the shelves. Yep, I am not religious. Can’t call myself a Catholic Christian yet I get defensive when people bash the church I grew up being a part of. It’s normal. Religion– you dont see it in the Bible because it’s an invented word. Whoever invented needed a term he can use to describe something important that people believe in. I believe in love so I guess love is my religion. Lol. Thanks for your input.

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