All of You

Somewhere inside your beautiful mind is an array of thoughts that I yearn to hear and read, and once put into writing, once uttered by your lips, they begin to hold different meanings that may not make sense to other people but makes perfect sense to us both..

10. Caught myself smiling when I woke up. Must be a good dream. And I thought of the poet. That poet would tell me when a poet is in love with me. He once told me that we forget our dreams when we wake up so we better have a paper and pen handy so that when we wake up we can scribble down the details of our dreams because they slowly disappear as we regain consciousness.

9. On my bed, I have a notepad beside me, and a pen. But I didn’t even bother trying to remember what the dream was because he was the first thing that came on my mind, like always, everytime I wake up. The last, before I sleep. I think of him all the time.. He is as good as any dream that I am trying to remember. Perhaps, much more. Much, much more.

8. You are my dream. Did you know that? The real kind dream. The dream that doesn’t disappear even after I wake up. If this is limbo, then I don’t want to wake up. You are the kind of dream that goes on and on for as long as my sleep-wake cycle keeps on repeating itself. The dream that keeps up with me, transforms as I change, stays.. You are my dream and, God knows how hard I am trying to turn you into reality. My reality. My dream turning into reality, standing in front of me.

7. I am starting to acquire the language you speak. Trying. “You are the air that I breathe, intoxicating me.” That’s a feeble attempt. “I desire nothing more than the sound of my name coming from your lips.” Still trying. “Your last name is the word that I want to see after mine.” One more time. Sigh. I can never write the way you do. But I will always try to.. “If need be, I will kiss you, and my tongue will try to taste each word before they come out of your lips..” just so I would understand your language before anyone else could..

6. I love how you give a whole, new meaning to words in the dictionary. I would like to see how those lips form each word that you pen, how your hand scribbles each syllable that you utter. Does that make sense? Right now, there are so many questions running through my mind, words crowding inside my head, looking for a way out. But like I said before, the questions can wait. I hope I would be able to voice them all out because I have the strangest feeling that you will render me speechless.

5. Once I get to behold you, I bet I would look through you. Through your skin and the thin layer of fats, and your toned muscles, way past the bones, and into the core of your being. Right there, deep inside, is a place. A place where I would like to stay. You know where that is..

4. I will look at you the way I would scrutinize a book. I would touch your surface and feel every corner of you with my hands. I would smell you and try to determine your scent, and I would finger the hair on your head, every strand of hair on your body the way I would the pages of my favorite book..

3. When you gave me that book, I was so excited to open the package. When I finally touched its’ surface, I had to stiffle a scream. The good kind of scream. And when I read the note you wrote, I was beyond elated, smiling myself silly. Somewhere inside your mind is an array of thoughts that I yearn to hear and read, and once put into writing, once uttered by your lips, they begin to hold different meanings that may not make sense to other people but make perfect sense to us both.

2. When you confessed that you wrote one particular post for me, one I really, really like, my first reaction was disbelief. I doubted that to be true. No one’s ever done that for me before and I just felt like I didn’t deserve it because it is too beautiful. When you said that you would be writing more, I felt the same thing. I think it will be hard for me to get used to you writing all of these lovely posts for and about me, but it makes me very happy and that is something good, so I will hold on to it. Keep on writing, love..

1. Writing brought us together. We’re both in love with writing and we both —– 😊

For now, I can only hope, but I suppose one day, I will finish that sentence. No matter what.

For H.


6 thoughts on “All of You

    1. He is! Reeeaaallyyy ❤ There is no doubt about it.

      0. May his words turn airborne, the clouds aflutter with them, cross the skies and settle themselves to where you are, on your heart, on your lips, because there they will find the home they deserve, and they will not leave the comfort of the space you will give them, even in your silence, because words oftentimes need not be spoken, especially when presence alone could fill a yearning so powerful it won't let anything stand in its way. Soon is soon. And soon, tomorrow will be today. 😉

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