To the Man I’ll Spend my Forever with

Who am I as a woman, as your woman? Who am I as your delicate princess? Or, am I too delicate for you?

Dear You,
For years, I have been wondering when and where we are going to meet. Or sometimes I think that I have already met you..
yet you may be still out with your girlfriend, or still studying, still busy with your career, still far from me, or still fulfilling your priorities. All I have to do right now is to wait until you and your girlfriend split up, or wait until you become the boss of a company, wait until we reconnect again, or wait until I am the number one of your priorities.

Twenty one years after, I am still the girl who dreams of witnessing a fairytale unveil in front of my eyes. I always wonder if I would forever remain waiting for my prince who wouldn’t come. Sometimes, I wonder, where that boy has been, where you have been. Will you come? Or were you even born? Did I already meet you?  Did you meet someone along the way? Did you change your mind trying to find that girl who lost her shoe?
No matter how much I have wanted to eliminate the idea that I am a hopeless romantic, I must admit that a couple of genes are stamped with that label. Oftentimes, I’d dream I’m a princess waiting for her prince. Someone who will save me from the evil deeds of my stepmother, someone who can chase me down the stairs at 12 midnight and find me to give it back, someone who will awaken me from a deep slumber by a kiss that speaks of your truest love..
There are other princesses out there, beautiful, sexy princesses with all those skimpy suits and mini-dresses but I could give you a hundred and one reasons as to why you should choose me. Save me. I am completely awake but I could pretend dead asleep so you could grant me that kiss. I don’t have seven dwarfs for friends. I only eat green apple, not the red one, but i would inject poison on it so you could kiss me and take the poison away from my lips. I don’t even have a wicked stepmother or jealous stepsisters. But I would let you put my glass slipper on my right foot. Or the left one. Any foot will do. I am not imprisoned in a stairless tower. I don’t even have a long, long hair.
Who am I as a woman, as your woman? Who am I as your delicate princess? Or, am I too delicate for you?
Dear You, I can be your best friend. I can go out racing cars with you. We could play DOTA together. We can go to the gym together, lift weights together, do push ups together. We could watch your favorite rock band live on concert. We could sit on the couch, watch our favorite movie for the nth time, talk about your mom and your dad and that sibling who has constantly annoyed you. I will let you drink with your friends in your special boys’ night-outs. We could get drunk together, sing drunks’ songs, our words slurred and stumbling out of our mouth.
I will be glad to wake up one gloomy and lazy morning next to you. While your eyes are shut, I can tap your nose and kiss every visible part of your body. I can serve you with the best breakfast my mom has cooked. I’m sorry I can’t cook but I can compensate by waking you up with the aroma of Nescafe that could delight you in the morning. We can wrestle after our breakfast and I could pretend weak, defeated or dead to make you feel like Super Man. We can jump out of bed together, take a bath together, and we will go places we haven’t been before.
I can let you have the remote all by yourself and browse every sports channel that exists. We can watch WWF matches. I could pretend I’m the Undertaker, and you, The Rock. We can holler together when Pacquiao’s fist pummels every Mexican looking face. We  will watch every NBA game. You can place your bet on the NY Yankees or on the LA Lakers, but, me, I’m placing my bet on you. Mas magaling ka pa ding magshoot kesa sa kanila. xD
I can be your Katie Holmes, you, my Tom Cruise. We could go cruisin’ together. I could be JLo and you, Marc Anthony. Sure I can’t be as tall as Katie or as bootylicious as JLo but I promise I wouldn’t chase any other guy like Hollywood stars normally do.
I could get involved in your fist fights only if you would just allow me.. I could slap them bad guys and have them kiss each other.
I could belt out every song you love, even if I couldn’t perfectly carry a tune.
I will write a book just for you.. will write on a diary about us, you could read every thought i write.. I could write a song for you. No other girl would do that.
I will be sensitive of your needs and feelings. I can make you a Top 81 or 1127  lists of why I love you and why I want to be with you forever. When I do something that hurts your feelings, I am willing to be punished by writing “I love You ___” in every line of a whole 100-leaves pad paper.
I don’t care if you will have pimples or if you start to form wrinkles on your forehead. I don’t care if your hair is unfixable with gel or any other hair brand. I don’t care if you got kinky tresses or if you’d have them rebonded. I don’t care if you’re vainer than me. I don’t care if you fart in front of me or if you make crazy gestures to make me laugh. You are more than a handsome face and I love you for who you are.
You are the person I would want to be with for the rest of my life. The last person I would want to set my eyes on before they close to forever. And when the day comes that the Lord meets me face to face, I would gladly tell Him that You are the greatest story He has ever written in my life.
Until the time we meet, I will make sure to get myself ready. I will be the woman you could ever wish for, the princess you will save from every evil. You will feel like the world’s superhero. I will save myself from too much heartaches and pains as I want to give all the love that I can give to you, something that we can share until the end. Until that day comes, I will wait with high hopes. Somewhere, sometime in the future, I know that we will meet. And it’s going to be the start of our forever.
Waiting and hoping for your coming,

Author’s Note: I wrote this post when I was 21, and appeared on my old Facebook notes & my old blog. I feel the urge to repost it as I am recently single, therefore, no inspiration to pen new posts about that tricky little thing called ‘love’.. 😁 🙂


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